The difference between doing the outdoors things you love and staying inside is keeping warm in cold temperatures. When you spend time outdoors in the cold season, whether for short periods or extended ones, it is important to wear clothing that helps your body maintain a comfortable temperature.

Cotton is a great insulator. The specific heat and thermal conductivity are very similar to polyester, the mass is 3+ times greater, making it relatively heavy. A problem with cotton as an insulator is the fiber is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs humidity from the air. If cotton is kept dry, it can act as a thermal insulator, but it must be kept dry.

In the cold season, if your activity level is low and you are not sweating, cotton is great. Also, a mix of cotton and polyester can be excellent. Therefore, shirts made with pure cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester look and feel well in the low temperature season.

POP, SUPER POP and EURO are shirts and blouses manufactured with twill. POP are 100% white cotton, with long and short sleeves for men, and ¾ sleeves and darts for women. SUPER POP and EURO are 60% cotton and 40% polyester, in several colors, with long and short sleeves for men, and for women there long, short and ¾ sleeves with darts.