In the world of fashion 2019 even millennials are playing the game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. The idea that a few weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, as it used to be before 2019, will no longer influence the content of closets anymore.

The fashion trend for 2019 contemplates many issues but if you try to summarize them you will come to the conclusion that what the runways deploy is feel comfortable, wear from sandals to boots, sequin dresses, and deconstructed suits.

Questions like Are bike shorts on the runway a pull from street style? and Are leggings pants? will arise. The answers are something we will have to wait a few months to know. We will be waiting for stars to express themselves: for or against.

Is it time to consider knitting? Maybe you will consider knitwear or a smaller embroidered detail. However, the runways of Dior, Ferretti, and Sander are considering a piece of crochet after a few seasons of not very comfortable textiles. Designers are focusing on craftsmanship that involves actual craftspeople, and that can be thrown in a washer without worry.

In a way, the 2000s have made a comeback. Millennials are witnessing a resurgence of their high school items, the ones they would rather forget. Elephant pants are getting an upgrade. Inspiration from trips across the globe —like Carmen Sandiego— is not new for designers. Rope belts, artisanal prints, and safari hats are putting us in the need to book a flight. A serious consideration is to contemplate fashion from across the globe, for example, batik fabrics. Watch how designers are incorporating original artisans into their work.

Again, don’t worry, just be comfortable with your outfit. No matter it looks very different, it will look great.

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