As if it were a fiction film in the very style of Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, or Steven Spielberg, as of January 1, 2019 ALL EMPLOYEES, fixed, transitory, freelance, CEOs, all levels of government, all the collaborators of the private sector, gurus, union members, dealers, shamans and anyone who participates in any economic activity, must obligatorily buy and use, from Monday to Saturday, this magnificent, elegant and practical uniform.

No more options ladies and gentlemen, far away we see that day when we had many options to combine and to show off our best outfits in the office... It is the end of those days for kerchiefs, boots, coats, designer neckties, mullets, and cashmere sweaters. Now we will ALL DRESS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, now we will have many hours to miss what was our clothing, the pampered, the preferred, the one we would put on every morning and we could combine with blouses and shirts of many styles, colors and fits.

But if you think it's bad news, hold on, now comes the worst: According to the official journal companies that do not monitor the good and proper use of this corporate garment will be fined with 3000 minimum wages or 30 days of arrest, therefore, all businessmen must be careful! And the fine for entrepreneurs will be 60 minimum wages, forced community work and 4 years in prison.

But well, relax a little, it is holidays season, and we really do not want anyone to fret or spend a bad time, on the contrary, we want them to be very happy because as my grandmother would say: innocent dove you've been deceived, knowing that on this 28th you can nobody trust. Beware of what you read and believe!

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